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Terribly Ugly. Either a factual or ironic slogan for Ugly House, depending on how you look at things. Ugly House is the latest to feature on our brand feature column on our weekly blog. Hopefully you guys are enjoying reading these as much as I am reading, learning, testing, and writing things about all these brands. We have featured some pretty big names on our column lately, but we are always looking for small up-and-comers. If you want to get featured, or even just want a certain brand to get featured, then just contact us and we can sort that out.

So, back to our regular scheduled programming. Ugly House is a very interesting brand. I couldn’t find much information about them, considering they are probably a brand-new company. I would guess they formed within a year or two. Their Instagram bio showcases their down to earth and casual approach to the cannabis accessory industry. Their page is “Just for fun” and their bio is “Because we’re all a little ugly”. Finding great banter by companies is few and far between, so I must give them their props when I see it.

Ugly House focuses on brightly coloured designs that cater to the younger crowd. Many meme-esque sayings and patterns that will really appeal to younger millennials and gen z-ers alike. Their designs are a breath of fresh air in a space that is currently being dominated by plain and non-risk-taking brands that are trying to appeal to everyone all at once. I love that Ugly House is focusing solely on one or two demographics and really going all-in. Many people might think their designs are ugly, but isn’t that the irony anyways? Their designs are original, bright, flamboyant, and risky. If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m a big fan.

Let’s dive into their products. Ugly House has a line of 3” ashtrays and 4” ashtrays. Both sizes are available in a variety of designs and 6-pack display options. Some are straight up glass ashtrays with the classic 3-notch design, while others are the same glass ashtrays with a complimenting silicone wrap.

3” Ashtray 6 Pack – Silicone & Glass – I’d Hit That

Ugly House I'd Hit That glass and silicone ashtray pink silicone with glass black silicone with glass 6-pack wholesale retail display

These silicone-lined glass ashtrays make the perfect statement piece when you’re ready for a smoke. Silicone-lined glass ashtrays, 3” x 3” x 1” deep. The silicone lining will prevent shattering while the 3 indents will hold your smoke when you need a break.

Ugly House’s “I’d Hit That” different designs are a great pun on smoking and sex. Pretty much every stoner’s two favourite things. The pink, black, and white colour palette play nicely with each other.

4” Giddy Ashtray 6 Pack – Glass – Best Buds

Ugly House Best Buds Glass Ashtray yellow green and blue glass ashtray wholesale retail 6-pack display

These ashtrays are from Ugly House’s secondary brand “Giddy”. Giddy seems to follow the same branding and design cues as Ugly House. The 4” ashtrays measure 4” x 4” x 1” deep. These ones aren’t silicone lined, and still have the same 3 indents to hold your smoke. Obviously, if you sesh a little more often, then the 4” option is probably for you. Again, “best buds” is a great pun on friendship and weed.

Dab kits are next up in Ugly House’s collection of products. If you are an avid dabber, you are in tremendous luck. It looks like all their kits come with a metal rolling tray, a removable silicone half-cover for the rolling tray, dab tool, and a silicone dab container. It’s seriously a good kit. Giddy and Ugly House seem to have the same amount of dab tool kits. Not as many options as their ashtray counterparts, but I think this is where Ugly House really shines. They make pairing every part of the kit look so easy. Every piece feels like it was meant to be there, and the themes tie into one another effortlessly in their design and execution. The dab kits are my favourite line of products from Ugly House.

Dab Kit – Grind On Me – 4-Piece

Ugly House Grind on Me Dab Kit metal rolling tray silicone half cover pink ugly house dab container dab tool

Introducing Ugly House’s new dabbing kits! This 4-piece dabbing kit consists of a silicone rolling tray, which is a metal rolling tray with a removable food-grade silicone, and matching silicone dab container and dab tool. The silicone dab mat holds sticky tools and doubles as a coaster for dabbing rigs. When you’re done with the silicone cover, simply remove it and clean it under lukewarm water. You can place the silicone on either side of the tray or use the rolling tray on its own.

Ugly House’s dabbing kits are made of high-quality metal & silicone. The rolling tray measures 10.8” x 6.9”. The dab tool has a scoop tip for easy pickup, while the nonstick silicone dab container keeps product fresh. Also, have you been keeping up with the punny naming scheme Ugly House has been using? It’s great.

Glow In the Dark Dab Kit – Need Weed – 4-Piece

Ugly House Need Weed Dab Kit metal rolling tray silicone half cover dab tool dab container glow in the dark

The “Need Weed” dab kit is a bright neon take on a brick wall backsplash. The special thing about this set is that it glows in the dark! The silicone rolling tray cover glows, as well as the silicone dab container. It’s pretty cool. The glow in the dark kit comes with the same 4-pieces that the other dab kits come with.

Would a cannabis accessory brand truly be a cannabis accessory brand without a line of grinders? Personally, I don’t think so. Ugly House has a few different options when it comes to grinders. The best part is, they’re not your typical basic options that everyone else offers. Ugly House does have the classic 4-piece metal grinder option but, I’m here for the Grind’ n Stash and LayzeRoller offerings.

54mm Grind ‘n Stash – 4-Part – Rose Gold

Ugly House Grind n' Stash Rose Gold 4-piece Grinder Kit Grind and Stash

A 2-in-1 grinder and stash container. Grind it up, stash it in the smell-proof container, and go. Obviously, Ugly House aren’t the first brand to come up with a grind and stash piece, but they really execute their version well. It has a nice metallic finish and looks great when completely put together. Many brands fall victim to options that are bulky, look outdated, and try to do too much.

LayzeRoller – Grind, Stash, Roll – 12-Pack Display

Ugly House Layze Roller Lazy roll 4 colour 12-pack display wholesale retail clear

Grind. Roll. Stash. Who knew you could find a product to do all 3?! The LayzeRoller has a grinder at the top and a slot to insert a cone. Fill the cone as you grind, press your herb into the cone with the included pick, and stash your remaining leftover herb. It seriously does it all. The 12-pack display has 4 different colours. This is more of a gimmicky product but, if you’re in the market for something like this, toss it in your bag and go. You’ll have everything you need at your disposal. The LayzeRoller also looks a lot better than some of the other options from competitors.

Ugly House has rolling trays that are not part of their dab kits. These rolling trays are sized a bit smaller but still feature the same great designs and puns you’d expect from them. They shrink from a 10.8” x 6.9” to a 10.6” x 6.3”. This is probably something you won’t even notice. What’s nice is that some of their individual rolling trays come with a magnetic lid! Magnetic lids are something that’s fairly new to the rolling tray scene but it’s a very welcome addition. It rounds off the versatility of a rolling tray and turns it into a mini storage space. You can keep the pack of papers and cones that come with these rolling trays under that magnetic lid.

That’s Ugly House for ya. A new and exciting brand that we are looking forward to working with! Currently, their retail site only ships to the United States. Bringing Ugly House to Canadian cannabis retailers is something we take pride in. It’s always fun finding a new brand to showcase to the Canadian market. We hope Ugly House does well with their northern neighbors! You can shop wholesale Ugly House and Giddy products on our website now.

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