Pulsar - Brand Feature

Pulsar Vaporizers. Primarily a vaporizer brand with a large assortment of vaporizers. You’ve probably heard of them already, or at least some of their products. That doesn’t mean you get to skip reading my blog though. We aren’t focusing on the vaporizers in this brand feature. They’ve gotten enough love already so; we’re going to focus on their new line of cannabis accessories. Rolling trays, water pipes, rigs, wooden pipes, all the goodies we love over here at Kustom Kulture.

Pulsar has always been at the forefront; they’re proud veterans of the vaping industry. Their first product was a handheld portable dry-herb vaporizer called the Pulsar 7. Since those early days, they’ve designed and developed many quality products for the modern-day smoker to #EnjoyHigherCulture in their everyday life. Of course, Pulsar’s website touches heavily on their vaporizing roots and hold in the market. Now, Pulsar houses over 1000 different products at their facilities in the vibrant and creative city of Asheville, NC. On top of their respected line of APX vaporizers, they offer water pipes, rolling trays, e-nails, dabbers, bubblers, silicone products, they’ve been quite busy!

Pulsar is a close-knit team of passionate vaping and smoking enthusiasts with their finger firmly planted on the pulse of a quickly growing industry. As so, they will continue to design, develop, and deliver exclusive, leading-edge products. As the country evolves and this industry progresses, it is a very exciting for Pulsar. Pulsar’s goal has always been to listen to the community and create the most wanted, best quality products, offered at the most reasonable prices. That goal has been consistently met, exceeded, and will continue to in the future so everyone can enjoy higher culture.

Now, with the formalities out of the way, let’s start talking about the goodies we’re going to feature in this blog. First up is their Equality Heart Hands Rolling Tray.

Pulsar – Metal Rolling Tray – Equality Heart Hands & Pride Paint

Pulsar Equality Heart Hands Rolling Tray two hands making a heart wearing rainbow wristbands on a sky blue background

Pulsar’s metal rolling trays are made from lightweight metal material and have raised sides with smooth, rolled edges to keep all hard and tools contained. The Equality Heart Hands design features a pair of hands shaping out a heart, with rainbow pride-coloured sweat bands. I absolutely love this design. Also, it’s only fitting that we feature the Equality Heart Hands and Pride Paint rolling trays during Pride Month!

The Pride Paint Metal Rolling Tray features bold water colour stripes in the pattern of the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag. This artistic tray will never peel, chip, or fade, and is easy to clean. The rolled edges are strong and work well for keeping things in check.

Nowadays, seeing more companies and brands embracing change and showing support for LGBTQIA+ members is an incredible sight to see. Stand up for what you believe in. Long over are the days of boring and simple brands that adhere to strict and old corporate practices. We welcome more designs like this and love it for the industry!

Pulsar’s rolling trays are standard. Good metal construction with rolled edges and raised sides. A medium size at 11” x 7”.

Pulsar – Metal Rolling Tray with Lid – Stoned Cat & Melting Shrooms

We’re seeing rolling tray lids become more and more common with brands. I really love these magnetic lids. It adds a different dimension to the standard rolling tray, as well as almost making it an art piece when showcased on a coffee or end table. These tray covers attach magnetically to the edges of the rolling tray to keep herbs, tools, and papers protected from gusts of wind, flying objects, and plain old everyday clumsiness.

Pulsar Melting Shrooms Rolling Tray and Magnetic Lid 3 psychedelic mushrooms on a rainbow background

The Melting Shrooms design is an ode to another fun activity stoners might partake in. Enjoy in moderation folks. Obviously, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but we’re really digging this hypnotic and ethereal take on mushrooms.

Pulsar Stoned Cat Rolling Tray white cat with large pupils in orange eyes on a pink and white background rolling tray

The Stoned Cat design looks like our favourite furry friends after they’ve gotten into some catnip. A wide-eyed kitty who has clearly seen enough of time and space to have his little mind blown. I’m a cat person so this rolling tray is perfect for me. Magnetic lid included. If you do allow your furry companions to partake in catnip, please be mindful! I’m not a veterinarian but too much of a good thing can be bad.

Rolling trays are a standard accessory to carry as a cannabis accessory brand. However, one of the most exciting line of accessories that Pulsar has is their Shire Pipes. What’s a shire pipe? I had the same question. When searching up the word “Shire”, you learn that a shire is the old English equivalent of the word “county”. So, England has many “shires”. Now, putting two and two together, Pulsar have aptly named this line of pipes their “Shire Pipes”, because this style of wooden pipe was very commonly used in England during that time. They have that old-school tobacco pipe vibe. The one where you picture your grandpa sitting in front of the fireplace telling you a story about his past while puffing on one of these.

Pulsar’s Shire Pipes come in various lengths and sizes. They range from small and portable 5.5” wooden pipes to real big Gandalfs, measuring 12”-15”. You’re going to look classy and sophisticated with any option you choose. Pulsar’s Shire Pipes really stuck out to me because compared to other Gandalf and wooden old-style pipes from other brands, Pulsar’s has a removable charcoal filter. Now, that’s cool. It will improve your smoking experience in these pipes, and the fact that its replaceable is just the icing on the cake.

Pulsar Shire Pipes – Bent Ebony Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe – 5.5”

Pulsar Shire Pipe Bent Ebony Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe 5.5" a black cherry wood pipe with brushed cotton carrying pouch, plastic stand, removable charcoal filter

The Bent Ebony Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe from Pulsar. Measuring 5.5” long and made from quality ebony-coloured cherry wood. This Shire Pipe comes equipped with their removable charcoal filter, plastic stand, and a brushed-cotton carrying pouch. The carrying pouch and plastic stand are a very nice touch from Pulsar. The Ebony Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe is one of their darker offerings.

Pulsar Shire Pipes – Volcano/Churchwarden Hybrid Cherry Pipe – 12.5”

Pulsar Shire Pipe Volcano Churchwarden Hybrid Cherry Pipe 12.5" a cherry wood volcano and churchwarden shire pipe with two different mouthpieces a long straight and a long curved

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Volcano/Churchwarden Hybrid Cherry Pipe. Measuring more than double the length of the Bent Ebony Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe. This pipe is made from the same high quality cherry wood that Pulsar uses throughout their line of Shire Pipes. What’s neat is that the Volcano/Churchwarden Cherry Pipe comes with 2 different stem mouthpieces. A flat stem, and bent stem. We don’t know what kind of difference this will make to the smoking experience. Cosmetically, you can have either or.

Pulsar also has a wide assortment of glass water-pipes, pipes, rigs, bubblers, and more. We’re going to focus on these next. What’s nice about Pulsar’s glass offerings is that they aren’t the same recycled basic pieces that all brands seem to have. Pulsar’s glass bongs have a lot of character to them. Vibrant and colour and full of different design cues. Now, they won’t be the most breathtaking piece you’ve ever seen, but they will still have a leg up on some plain basics you love. There’s nothing wrong with the plain basics, in fact, I love them. But sometimes you want to spice things up.

Pulsar - High End Beaker Water Pipe – 9”

Pulsar High End Beaker Water Pipe 9" 3 of them next to eachother on the left is a blue and green in the middle is a orange and yellow and on the right is a teal and pink

Pulsar’s High End Beaker Water Pipe. A simple but spicy piece from Pulsar. These pieces come with a dual complimenting colour palette that plays nicely with each other. For filtration and vapour smoothness, the High End Beaker comes with a diffused slit downstem. 9” in height means that these are a great piece to rip daily or whenever you want a quick sesh. I’m all about the pink and teal option for these bongs.

Pulsar - Spiral-Wrapped Ball Mini Rig – 5.25”

Pulsar Spiral-Wrapped Ball Mini Rig 5.25" 3 spiral wrapped ball mini rigs. on the left is a green and blue. in the middle is an amber and red. on the right is a blue and green.

I’ve seen a lot of mini ball rig’s but not one quite like this. The Pulsar Spiral-Wrapped Ball Mini Rig. We’re big fans of the spiral design showcasing the water chamber. These Pulsar mini dab rigs stand almost 6” in height, (height may vary a bit) and feature a ball style shape with a spiral stripe design. They are equipped with a fixed downstem and male quartz banger. You can make this rig hit even smoother by adding a carb cap and dab tool to this setup.

Pulsar - Chugger Glycerin Water Pipe – 8.25”

Pulsar Chugger Glycerin Water Pipe 8.25". 3 of them. on the left is the purple option. in the middle is the green option. on the right is the blue option.

Have you ever seen glycerin bongs and wondered what they are? What is that strange coloured liquid for? Well, glycerin is freezable, and when you put glycerin in a bong, the whole bong is freezable. Pulsar glycerin gilled water pipes are freezable, which makes them perfect for rapidly cooling smoke and vapour for smooth hits and large clouds. The Chugger Glycerin Water Pipe comes equipped with a showerhead percolator to further filter smoke, and a matching glycerin filled herb-slide. A unique setup. The Pulsar “P” branding looks very good on the base of these pieces, while the straight tube mouthpiece adds a sense of simplicity to a complicated piece. We’re pushing P with the Chugger Glycerin Water Pipe.

Pulsar – Bottle Style Dab Rig – 9.5”

Pulsar Bottle Style Dab Rig 9.5". Pulsar Bottle Style Dab Rigs, on the left is a blue option. In the middle is an amber option. On the right is a green option.

Last but not least. The Pulsar Bottle Style Dab Rig. This is one of my favourite pieces from this drop. Measuring 9.5” in height, this dab rig comes equipped with a male quartz banger. Shaped as a bottle with a beautifully worked wig wag ball percolator and cradled hand grip. Pulsar’s clean branding on the neck of the bottle and a pop of different colour on the mouthpiece and through the fixed downstem. These are pieces to watch out for.

That’s all folks! Another great brand feature in the books. We hope you learned a little something about Pulsar. Especially about something other than their already amazing line of vaporizers. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of Pulsar Vaporizers, then maybe we should do a feature on them as well. But we bet you have already. All these options are great for any store and come in a multitude of colours and price points. There’s something for everyone, truly. You can find all these Pulsar products and more, available from Canada’s favourite cannabis accessory wholesaler, Kustom Kulture.

If you know or are a brand that should be featured in our brand feature column for our weekly blog, please reach out to us! We are always looking for the next RAW, Zig-Zag or ROOR in the world. They’re out there somewhere. We offer a great audience of Canadian cannabis and cannabis accessory stores. Hey, even if you don’t own a store and are reading this, thank you! We love the cannabis industry and want to work hand in hand with making it a better place as legalization becomes more prevalent across the world. 

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