Festival Essentials

Festival season is in full swing! With cannabis being legalized more and more across the country, we are seeing festivals and concerts tolerate, and even embrace its usage. In this blog, we’re going to go over some of the best ways you can get the most out of your cannabis experience at festivals. If you’re looking for cannabis accessories to stock your store with, keep Kustom Kulture in mind. We carry a wide assortment that is sure to please many customers.

510 batteries are relatively new to the cannabis market, but since entering, they have been all the rage. Nothing is more discrete, smells less, and portable than a 510 battery with a cartridge. If you’re looking for an incredibly easy option to smoke cannabis discretely at a festival, this is your best option.

Elf 510 Variable Voltage Battery

The Elf 510 Variable Voltage Battery by Honeystick. This is a slim, sleek, discreet 510 battery that is perfect for portable on-the-go smoking. It has 3 different heat settings so you can vape at the best temperature for your favourite flavour and vapour production. The Elf 510 Battery has a 400mAh capacity. The kit includes a micro-USB cable for charging and is compatible with 510 thread cartridges.

If you’re more of a joint, blunt, or pre-roll smoker, we have things for you too. Gone are the days of smoking a squished J that was sitting in your pocket for hours. J cases were made to save the day.

Fly-Hy – J Case

The Fly-Hy J-Case is the best portable solution for travelling with pre-rolls. This sleek and durable metal tube features a lightly threaded lid that locks in odour. It’s airtight, watertight, and will keep your joint or blunt from breaking. Don’t leave home without one. Fits one pre-roll, king size or smaller. The 5-inch length is pretty much perfect for any pre-roll, blunt, or joint you roll. The anodized aluminum comes in multiple colours.

Still on the subject of portability, let’s talk about dugouts. Dugouts are a more archaic accessory in the timeline of cannabis technology, but they still do the job, and they do it well. A dugout offers you the package of a one-hitter and a grinder stash put together. They’re great if you only plan on taking 1-2 hits every now and then and want all of your tools bundles up in a beautifully presented package.  

Wood Dugout Hitter Box – Large – Ryot – 3”

Available in an array of high-quality woods, the RYOT Wooden Magnetic Dugout features their patented lid and poker design to help you avoid spillage and stop unwanted smells from escaping. Coupled with RYOT’s unique pistol grip, their Wooden Dugout combines user friendliness with durability. Simply toss it into your pocket with a lighter and you’re set for the day.

If you’re sick of the standard pre-rolls, and regular ol’ RAW, and ZIG-ZAG papers, then take a chance on some of these unique rolling papers and wraps.

Low Cloud – Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps – Frosted Grape

Low Cloud Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps are some of the best alternatives to traditional blunt wraps on the market today. No nicotine, no harmful chemicals, just 100% organic Canadian hemp. A gum line to seal these wraps when rolling, paired with 5 exotic flavours to choose from. A proud Winnipeg, and Canadian product! Support local!

Frosted Grape

The Frosted Grape blunt wrap was created as something to compete with that childhood memory of a certain tasty grape juice on a cold winter’s day. We think it’s pretty grape… and you will too.

King Palm – Slim Rolls

You get to share it with friends or enjoy a cooling smoke by yourself – the choice is yours. But there is one thing that other similar products don’t have and that is the slow-burning experience. That’s right, King Palm’s genuine Cordia leaves are designed to burn very slowly so that you can enjoy a long and relaxing smoke.

A resealable package of King Palm Slim Rolls contains:

  • 3 Slim-sized rolls each holding up to 1.25 grams of your favourite herbs
  • Additive and tobacco-free product for the ultimate smoking experience
  • Boveda moisture control package of 62% to keep the herbs fresh
  • Handpicked, hand-rolled, and cleaned rolls for a one-of-a-kind smoke
  • Remains fresh for up to a year

Last but not least on our festival essentials list, the Arizer ArGo. Vaporizers are a portable and efficient way to consume cannabis. Arizer has been a huge name in the vaporizer industry for a while now. The ArGo is a great example of how far they’ve come.

Arizer - ArGo

The Arizer ArGo is the culmination from 14 of technology development and proven customer satisfaction. Arizer has once again set the bar for hand-held dry herb vaporizers. Portable and powerful, compact, and convenient, easy to use & easy to clean. All the best features from a long line of high-quality portable vaporizers. ArGo is for the people on the move who need a portable vaporizer that can go where they do. Quickly reload with convenient, simple & discreet pre-loads of your favourite strains and never miss a beat with multiple power options, including their session saving use while charging feature.

And there you have it folks. A brief guide into the minds here at Kustom Kulture on what we think are some festival essentials worth picking up this summer. Obviously, this isn’t a full list of everything we had in mind. So, go check out the festival essentials tab on our website to see some other accessories that may appeal to you more!