Ho-Ho-Hold The Smoke With Our Holiday Collections

Ho-Ho-Hold The Smoke With Our Holiday Collections

‘Tis the season to get ready for the holidays and we’ve created a collection of must-have winter staples to stock your display cases with products your customers will love to gift.

Our 12-Pack of Canna Cards is a perfect way to wish your friends both near and far Happy Holiblaze.  Or maybe you’re looking to light up the season with someone special. If so, Mistletoe Kush Kards have everything you need including a pack of matches, match striker and a holder for a pre-roll. Our Kush Kards collection has a field of options from Blazin for the Holidaze to Ho Ho High to Light Up The Holidays

Gift shopping can be stressful, but we have you covered with the best cannabis accessories. If you’re looking to gift a new pipe, let the Santa Pipe bring some cheer and joy to your holiday season with a ceramic pipe where you pack your product and light it. Or put Frosty to the test with the 6” Silicon Pipe.

Or you can check out the gift box options to make it nice and easy while looking like the hero to the person you’re gifting it to. Our Snowman Holiday Gift Box comes with the Snowman 6” Silicone Pipe, Juicy Jay’s Candy Cane flavoured rolling papers and the Bio-Plastic 2-Piece Grinder all beautifully pre-packaged in a gold glitter gift box.

If you’re going with a theme, the Candy Cane Holiday Gift Box will be a  ~HIT~ with your cannabis-loving friends in its gold glitter gift box. Included are The Fresh Sesh Holiday Collection which is the newest advancement in bong care, the Spiraled Glass Slide Bowl adds a holiday splash of colour and the Weed Leaf Bong Grips let you express your style.

For those pink-loving cannabis friends, check out the Pretty in Pink Holiday Gift Box. Encased in a pretty purple glitter gift box, you’ll find a Plain Jane 4" Glass Frosted Spoon Pipe, to light the pipe there’s a refillable  Clipper Micro - Solid Colour, Smokin' Stella Pink Pre-Rolled Cones because everyone needs a little colour, topped off with a Smokin’ Stella Aluminum Grinder to get them started with everything they need.

Wrap it all up and tag it with Canna Cards Gift and Hang Tags so they know exactly who to thank. To top up their stocking, explore our complete cannabis accessories holiday selection and have a Merry Kushmas!