We’re an independently owned, leading distributor of cannabis accessories, supporting our community in the best way we know how. Although Kustom has been around since ‘95, we’ve taken the deep dive to reimagine Kustom Kulture Canada, because we’re passionate about people, business and the continuous learning opportunities the cannabis industry has to offer. 

As customers, we’ve come to expect that outstanding customer service, price competitiveness and fast shipping times are givens in almost every industry nowadays. You’ll get that with us too, but you’ll also get something more. We value the relationships that we build with our customers across the country and the feedback we receive on products that will ultimately enhance your customer’s experience. We understand that dispensaries’ product selections may differ from that of a headshop or smoke shop and will work with each customer individually to tailor a selection to find exactly what you and your customers are after. And we will communicate openly and honestly with you, always.
Our end goal is simple. We want to see you succeed and grow in our amazing industry because, at the end of the day, we’re also real people with the same goals, finding our place in one of North America’s fastest growing industries.

Kustom Kulture Canada will enhance your cannabis experience with our wide selection of vaporizers, pipes, bongs and rigs. Whether you are a first-time user looking for the most satisfying way to enjoy your herb or a connoisseur looking for premium smoking accessories. Our chill and knowledgeable staff can guide you through our smoke products and vape shop online and match you up with equipment that will not let you down. If you cannot find your favorite brands, reach out and let us know. We are always on the search for new and exciting products. If you are ready to try out some new products, we are happy to make suggestions based on our experience and feedback from many of our satisfied Wholesale customers.


Register your store as a wholesale customer to gain access to our wholesale pricing on pipes, bongs, premium vapes and thousands of other popular cannabis accessories.

We ensure all orders are shipped in a timely fashion. With our quick service and friendly staff, we aim to build lasting relationships with each of our customers. Whether you operate an online vape shop, smoke shop, local head shop or a new dispensary, we offer a variety of smoking accessories guaranteed to keep your customers coming back.