SMKhouse is now Kustom Kulture Canada

We are pleased to announce that SMKhouse has been acquired by Kustom Kulture Canada effective October 2022.

For our SMKhouse customers, we’d like to share a little about Kustom Kulture as well as some of the benefits of ordering from us.

  • Access to Our Extensive Product Offering
    A broad range of products with an extensive mix of price points mean a one stop shop for a full range of products allowing you to find exactly the product you need for your entire customer base. Our customer inspired product collection is continuously growing, Members will have access to thousands of the latest and greatest cannabis accessories on the market. Just to highlight a small sample of our product lines:
  • Unique brand offerings created or customized for Kustom Kulture.
    Check them out:
  • Fast & Free Shipping
    Working with Canada's top couriers, you will receive the quickest shipping times and have access to our Free Shipping incentives.
  • 48 Hour Order Fulfillment
    With our standard timelines orders are together and ready to ship within 48 hours.
  • Delivery & Distribution
    Having a centrally located distribution centre helps improves delivery times.

We are an independently owned, leading wholesaler and distributor of cannabis accessories in operation since 1995. With our years of experience, we’ve focused on establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our customers. Based on this, communication is very important to us and we want to hear from you, good or bad – but we know it will be good.

We’re real people, just like you and we’re also business people, just like you and we look forward to working with you!