Zig-Zag - Brand Feature

Zig-Zag – Brand Feature

                Zig-Zag is a legendary brand in the cannabis industry. They have been manufacturing some of the world’s most iconic rolling papers for over 140 years. To us, Zig-Zag is right up there with Raw as two massive pioneers in the smoking world. Zig-Zag originally started as a cigarette rolling paper business, like pretty much any rolling paper brand out right now. As cannabis became more popular and rolling cigarettes faded out, Zig-Zag’s started being picked up for rolling joints. They quickly earned popularity as one of the staple papers for joints. Back in the day you were either a Zig-Zag person or a Raw person. We don’t know if that is the case anymore with so many brands of rolling papers, cones, and pre-rolled cones out there, but we know that this saying attests to the quality of papers Zig-Zag makes. Let’s dive into some of Zig-Zag’s popular products.

French Orange Papers – Zig-Zag Orange

zig-zag orange rolling papers french orange

Zig-Zag French Orange rolling papers are rooted in history. In the early days, they were known as “Zouave Papers”, a tribute to Zig-Zag’s original storied conception. Today, the papers remain one of the most reliable and trusted rolling papers of all time.

Since 1906, French Orange rolling papers have been known across the world as the gold standard for premium cigarette papers. The smooth, slow, and even burn puts them in a class of their own. Zig-Zag’s French Orange smoking papers are best in class for a reason. The all-natural glue line allows for easy rolling and a perfect slow burn. Over 100 years old and still the world’s most beloved rolling paper.

Zig-Zag talks a big game when it comes to their French Orange rolling papers. We think it’s deserved, but French Orange rolling papers may not be your favourite. Fear not, Zig-Zag has a few more options of rolling papers that are almost just as popular. For example, Kutcorners have a massive cult following.

Kutcorners Slow Burning Papers – Zig-Zag White

zig-zag kutcorners rolling papers

Zig-Zag White Kutcorners are one of the original and iconic papers that has established Zig-Zag’s quality reputation has a leader in the industry. A thin-weight paper that’s easy to roll and burns slowly. These Zig Zag Kutcorners are single wide and are super thin to provide you with a nice, slow, burning roll. The corners are cut off to make it easier for you to roll up. White Kutcorners use the same sap of the African acacia tree for their gum line. This provides a consistent seal without impacting the taste of your herb.

Now that we’ve got some of the big heavy hitters out of the way. We can focus on some of the lesser-known products in Zig-Zag’s vast catalogue. The next rolling paper we want to touch on is the Zig-Zag Organic Hemp Rolling Papers. When you think of Organic Hemp Rolling Papers you probably usually think of Raw. This is Zig-Zag’s counter product, and we are very happy they are competing with each other on this front.

Organic Hemp Rolling Papers – Zig-Zag

zig-zag organic hemp rolling papers

Zig-Zag hemp smoking products are sourced and crafted using the finest industrial hemp available. They are derived from natural hemp ingredients, offering an unrefined and pure smoking experience. Each hemp paper is 100% vegan, non-GMO and organic, bringing you closer to the plant than ever before. Zig-Zag Organic Hemp rolling papers offer one of the best smoking experiences around. A smooth, slow burn is complimented by the paper’s natural texture and native earthly flavours.

By now, we hope you understand what kind of impact Zig-Zag has had on the cannabis accessory market. We also hope you’ve caught on to the fact that Zig-Zag and Raw pretty much go head-to-head on every product line. It’s something we love because it allows new technology, better products, and market innovation to happen. It simply wouldn’t be any fun if only one company had a death grip on the market. Back to the matter at hand, in this long-lasting battle between Zig-Zag and Raw, we see Zig-Zag’s answer to Raw’s most popular rolling paper. The unbleached, unrefined, 1 ¼ rolling paper. Raw reigns supreme in this category. However, if for some reason you can’t stand Raw, don’t like their products, or want to try something else instead, Zig-Zag’s option does more than fit the part.

Unbleached Rolling Papers – Zig-Zag

zig-zag unbleached rolling papers

Minimal processing and fine ingredients make Zig-Zag Unbleached rolling papers a crowd favourite. Experience an all-natural unrefined roll and smoke. For those who believe less is more, Zig-Zag Unbleached Papers offer the perfect solution. Unbleached papers are crafted using a hand blend of natural fibers without the addition of any ingredients or processing. Featuring a 100% raw natural gum line and a recycled cardstock booklet with vegetable ink printing. Unbleached papers are one of Zig-Zag’s best sellers, and for good reason. The natural fiber blend delivers the smoothest, slow burning experience you can find in a rolling paper.

Whew, doesn’t it seem like the battle between these two giants is heating up? They’ve been going tit-for-tat for years now. The last rolling paper we want to showcase before we dive into some other accessories is the Zig-Zag Ultra Thin. While they aren’t a new paper, they’ve recently garnered a huge buzz of popularity. Their silver holographic packaging catches everyone’s eye and is easily recognizable. Not to mention, you can find these papers in pretty much any gas station, corner store, or bodega.

Ultra Thin Rolling Papers – Zig-Zag

zig-zag ultra thin rolling papers

Ultra Thin papers are all about the smoking experience. Less paper, less hassle, just more of whatever it is you love doing. Zig-Zag Ultra Thin Papers are perfect for those who don’t want their rolling papers in the way during a smoke session. Ultra Thin Rolling Papers are just as you’d expect – thin and slow burning, so you’ll hardly even realize they’re there. All Zig-Zag smoking papers are created to burn just right, but sometimes rolling papers are better in the background. Zig-Zag Ultra Thin papers combine thinness and strength for a premier, slow burning smoking experience. This translucent and lightweight smoking paper, made with a clear 100% raw natural gum Arabic, reflects over 100 years of rolling paper knowledge and unrivaled Zig-Zag craftsmanship.

We can keep going on and on about Zig-Zag’s legendary line of rolling papers but this blog would get too boring, and too long, real fast. So, if you’ve never tried any of Zig-Zag’s rolling papers, we recommend starting with any from this list. Obviously if you are a bit more experienced, you can take a look at their product line and pick something else if none of these catch your eye. Also, many of these rolling papers come in an empty fillable cone form as well. For all of those people who can’t roll to save their life (that’s me...).

Over the years, Zig-Zag has expanded into other cannabis accessories instead of only offering rolling papers. They aim to offer smoking accessories that help you roll with ease, and without the mess. Everything from rolling trays, automatic joint rollers, smoking storage tins, and even skateboards.

Zig-Zag Metal Rolling Tray – Small/Medium

Zig-Zag Metal Rolling Tray Black Small Medium with Zig-Zag Orange Rolling Papers rolling on a tray

We carry a few different sizes of metal rolling trays from Zig-Zag. Those sizes also come in different colours. And let’s face it, everyone needs a good rolling tray. Zig-Zag offers a great option. Zig-Zag original rolling trays offer a smooth and glossy surface to roll on with high edges and rounded corners. This will stop your precious herb from falling too the ground. You can also use your rolling tray to carry all of your kit essentials and reduce mess during the joint rolling process.

So, that’s that. Our Zig-Zag brand feature. We’ve really only scratched the surface on this powerhouse of a brand. You can read up more about their full history here. You can also check out all of the Zig-Zag products that we sell here. These rolling papers are not the end-all be-all of Zig-Zag. We highly recommend you check out their other products and expand your knowledge of accessories and papers. It’s a lot of fun reviewing and checking out new brands and different products. With legalization becoming more prevalent, cannabis accessory products and technology is only going to advance to new heights. And that is truly something we can’t wait for.

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