The Trendy Millennial’s Newest Wholesale Cannabis Accessory

The Trendy Millennial’s Newest Wholesale Cannabis Accessory

Just like fashion, cannabis accessories have their trends as well. We are seeing a shift to more artistic and functional pieces as opposed to the classic stoner vibes of the last 10-20 years. This is probably due to cannabis widely becoming legal and a totally new market of people have now entered the wonderful world of cannabis accessories. When it comes to the best wholesaler of cannabis accessories in Canada, it doesn’t get much better than Kustom Kulture. Kustom Kulture is always rotating their stock with brand new and on trend wholesale cannabis accessories that are sure to catch everyone’s eyes during your next session.

Bongs Still Reign Supreme – Keith Haring Water Pipes

We know not everyone is a bong enthusiast. Sometimes a smoke session with a bong is just too much work and hits way too hard, we get it. However, bongs are still one of the most popular ways to smoke and to express yourself in ways that papers and other accessories can’t. We are seeing more and more trendy glass pieces that double as pieces of art instead of just a regular old beaker bong. Keith Haring water pipes are a great example of this. Available readily at many head shops and wholesale cannabis accessory stores. Keith Haring pieces make a statement and work well on top of a coffee table as an art piece or centerpiece.

Luxurious Wraps and Pre-Rolls – Raw Pre-Rolled Cones and King Palms

Luxurious Wraps and Pre-Rolls – Raw Pre-Rolled Cones and King Palms

Gone are the days of rolling joints with cigarette papers. Cannabis wholesalers and distributors now have a wide selection of incredible wraps and papers. Flavored, or unflavored, we’ve got you covered to hopefully narrow down some of the choices you need to make. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, then a neutral unflavored pre-rolled cone is your best bet. You can’t go wrong with a raw 1.25” cone in regular or organic hemp. If you are a bit more daring and open to trying something new, King Palm cones have been the hottest paper trend this year. Made from a palm leaf with a corn husk filter that is squeezable to activate flavor.

Santa Cruz Shredder

A Quality Grinder – Santa Cruz Shredder

As the stigma of cannabis slowly goes away, we are finding people are spending more and more on quality goods for their kit. A good online head shop and cannabis retailer should have a wide selection of grinders. It really pays off to splurge the extra cash to get something that’s a bit pricier. A Santa Cruz Shredder is a great example of a quality reliable grinder that will last you for years to come.


  • Made in Santa Cruz, USA
  • Medical grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum
  • Unique threading pattern, friction ring and textured grip
  • Top-quality rare-earth magnet in lid
  • Innovative new tooth design

When it comes to trendy cannabis pieces. Kustom Kulture has you covered for wholesale cannabis accessories. Known as the best online head shop, Kustom Kulture has become a leading cannabis wholesaler and distributor. A household name for Canadian customers.

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