What Are the Most Popular Wholesale Rolling Accessories?

Joints and blunts are one of the most common ways to smoke. However, how do you spice up something so simple? Take a look at our deep dive into the most popular wholesale rolling accessories that are trending with joint and blunt smokers alike. Kustom Kulture is one of the best online stores for wholesale rolling accessories, cigarette rolling papers, and smoking rolling papers in general. Whether it’s wholesale or retail, we have something for everyone. 

How do you spice up a regular old joint or blunt? Now a days there are new and fantastic products that can turn the simple smoking experience of a joint or blunt into the same smoking experience of a waterpipe or vaporizer. These are a few handpicked accessories that can help you achieve that. 

Phuncky Feel Glass Filters

Phuncky Feel glass filters have been in the game for a while. They are known for their quality and attention to detail. Phuncky has partnered with numerous incredible companies such as RAW and ROOR. The Phuncky Feel Glass Filters offer a little something to a joint or blunt that takes it up a notch. Available in different sizes to accommodate your needs. These glass filters give you the premium feeling of smoking a bong or pipe without letting the ash through like a regular paper filter sometimes could. These glass filter tips are also easy to clean and affordable. Once you smoke with a glass filter it’s hard to go back to your paper filters. Pick up some Phuncky Feel glass filters and try them out. We’re sure you’ll be just as hooked as us. 

SmokeBuddy Personal Air Filter

Sometimes it’s just too much of a hassle to step outside to have a smoke. This is where SmokeBuddy comes in. A SmokeBuddy Personal Air Filter is a great solution to joint and blunt smokers inside. Toke from your joint or blunt and then exhale through the SmokeBuddy for a clean, odourless smoke. Nobody will have any idea that you’re smoking inside. These SmokeBuddy’s have been a regular favourite of customers for a very long time. They work extremely well and are offered in different sizes and colours. Don’t worry about smoke stinking up your house again with a SmokeBuddy by your side. 

Flavoured Rolling Papers and Wraps

Sure, we all have our go-to favourite paper that we always buy. But there is an extensive world of papers out there that shouldn’t be wasted. If you’re willing to try something new and are tired of your same old blunts and joints, here are some of the most popular wraps and papers available. Take note, not all of them are flavoured. Flavour is not the only thing that separates papers from one another, simply going from a rice paper to a hemp paper can make a worlds difference. 



Rolling Machine – King-Size or 1.25”

Some of us have never been good at rolling joints or papers. That task was always delegated to one of our friends while we usually sat in awe of their craftsmanship. Take away all the hard work of rolling with a rolling machine. These small little gadgets are portable and extremely easy to use. We usually always try to keep one in our kit at all times. Buying one specifically to the size you usually smoke is key. Made by a ton of different brands, Kustom Kulture offers a vast selection of rolling machines. Check out our website for some cool different options. 

This is just a small sample of some of the most popular wholesale rolling accessories right now. The products on this list have been selling fast and selling well consistently. These are a great pick up for any store that wants to expand their range with some new and interesting things. Stay tuned for more lists like these that will offer a greater insight on our industry. Kustom Kulture is your number one online smoking wholesaler and headshop. We offer everything you need and specialize in wholesale rolling accessories, cigarette rolling papers, and smoking rolling papers worldwide.

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