Rolling paper sizes and types: Which one is best for you?

Rolling papers come in many different materials and sizes. It might be a little daunting to try and figure out which rolling paper is for you. From rice papers, to hemp papers, and even more crazy materials. Kustom Kulture has you covered on every option. The world of rolling papers is constantly evolving in interesting ways.


The size of your rolling paper is easily the most important aspect. These sizes serve as a general guideline. Some sizes can vary between different rolling paper brands but they mostly fit the same measurements.

The most common size available is 1.25” / 1 ¼. These papers are the standard size for a joint when packed with a filter. Everyone should have tried these papers at least once in their lifetime of smoking. However, if you are sharing a joint or blunt with others, you may want to go with a bigger size paper. 

King-size rolling papers are the next most common papers available. If you smoke regularly and in high quantities, these rolling papers are for you. They pack quite a bit more herb and are perfect for sharing with two or three friends. 

Single-wide rolling papers are a rolling paper that is less common but still popular in some crowds. Single-wide papers are wider than a traditional 1.25” rolling paper but shorter in length. This allows for 25% less herb in your joint. Perfect for an individual session.

Double-wide rolling papers are exactly that. Double the width of a single-wide rolling paper for double the herb. This rolling paper fills a niche market. These papers are probably the least common on this list but if you see them out and about they’re worth the pick up to try for your next sesh. 


Hemp rolling papers have recently become very popular in the rolling paper market. They are known to be light brown in colour. They add a very slight taste to your joint. Hemp papers are very easy to roll and have a very fine texture that will give them a decent grip compared to other rolling papers. 

Rice rolling papers have been the favourite rolling papers for a long time. They are extremely thin and have little to no taste to them. Rice papers burn very slowly but have a tendency to go out more often than other rolling papers.

Wood pulp rolling papers are the oldest kind of rolling papers on this list. Now a days these types of papers are a little outdated but still do a great job. They are the thickest papers of the three, so they are also the easiest to roll. Wood pulp papers have the most distinct taste to them compared to rice or hemp papers. While they aren’t bad papers, they are starting to become phased out by the new up and coming paper brands and qualities in the market. 

All in all, finding the right rolling paper for you is simply a matter of trial and error. Packs of rolling papers are cheap and widely available. Find a brand and size that works for you and you’ll have a trusty rolling paper for the foreseeable future. Remember, Kustom Kulture is your number one source for cannabis accessories online, whether wholesale or retail. Papers, bongs, bubblers, and more.