How to Level Up Your Cheap Dab Rig blog cover photo. Photo showcases a young dark haired girl looking at the camera while taking a puff from her dab right in hand.

How to Level Up Your Cheap Dab Rig

We know not everyone can shell out for a super expensive rig. So, we decided to compile a list of accessories on how to elevate your current smoking experience with whatever rig you already have. These products will level up your rig game and you will be the talk of your stoner friend circles. Kustom Kulture Canada is home to wholesale dab tools and accessories. We carry a variety of rigs, tools, accessories, and more. Varying from vaporizing to cannabis accessories. Kustom Kulture is Canada’s favourite headshop and wholesale distributor of smoking goods.

Dab tool smoking while leaning on a container that is full of dabs.

Dab Tools

                Dab tools are a unique way to really express yourself. You can find dab tools that will fit any mood, vibe, or style you have. We carry an assortment of plain titanium sticks to intricate crafted quartz dab tools that look more like a fine art sculpture than anything else. When picking a dab tool, make sure to have fun with it. If you are buying a titanium, ceramic, or quartz tool, you will be happy with the quality. Other materials are good, but titanium, ceramic, and quartz are the best for durability and hotter temperatures. Prices can range from $5 going up to $50 or more per dab tool.

Person cleaning out a quartz banger with a q-tip.

Quartz Banger

                Not all bangers are made the same. Often, many rigs will come with a regular glass banger instead of a quartz banger. A glass banger will do the job fine to an extent. Quartz is much better at handling hotter temperatures from your torch. They come in various shapes, sizes, and angles to perfectly fit your dab rigs. Most rigs have a standard 14mm female connection. If you are ever unsure of what size quartz banger to get, contact us and we will help you get that sorted out. Quartz bangers are another avenue where you can express yourself. Coming in an assortment of colours and styles, they range anywhere from $10-$30 or more.

Person is holding a spiraled helix carb cap on top of a quartz banger. The quartz banger has two terp balls inside.

Carb Caps

                A must have accessory for the best low-temperature dabbing experience. A carb cap will always ensure you get a quality fat milky white dab. The carb cap works by trapping heat inside the banger. So, when the banger is at the right temperature, it can hold that temperature for a longer time. A carb cap also reduces the airflow, and in result it reduces the air pressure inside of the rig and inside of the banger. A smooth milky white smoke will be waiting for you. Carb caps are a relatively cheap accessory, but if you want a specially crafted piece, it will fetch higher prices. Expect a $5-$50 price range for a quality carb cap. Kustom Kulture Canada has a wide assortment of wholesale carb caps available.

Dab Mat

                Dab mats are a life saver if you are ever in the situation where you need one. We are talking about that one time you took way too big of a rip and nearly slammed your rig down on the coffee table before coughing your lungs out and thinking about what just happened. Dab mats offer a layer of protection to any surface you are smoking on. We have seen many rigs go to the grave from being slammed too hard on a table. Do not let that happen. We have also seen good furniture get ruined from a leaky banger that let concentrate drip off. A dab mat has your back and can manage any nasty drips, splatters, or accidents. Dab mat prices again range from $5-$30 or more, depending on the materials and thickness of your mat.

With a collection of these tools, you can turn any cheap dab rig into a true smoking machine. You do not always need to invest in the most expensive pieces to have a great smoke. Kustom Kulture sells wholesale dab tools, rigs, and accessories at many price points. Consider us the next time you are looking for cannabis, vaporizing, and smoking accessories in Canada.

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