How to: Maintaining and Cleaning Your Bong or Water Pipe (Ultimate Guide)

Great! You bought your latest bong or water pipe from Kustom Kulture. You have smoked it a bit and now it is not looking as pretty as it did when you bought it. What can you do to clean your bong and have it looking brand new again? There are numerous ways to achieve this. In this article, we will explain various methods of cleaning your bong or water pipe and the products or shortcuts you can use to keep it clean and looking new for a very long time. Remember, Kustom Kulture is your home of bongs, water pipes, and wholesale smoking goods for sale online.

                Let’s start simple. What is your bong made out of? Kustom Kulture sells a variety of different kinds of bongs and water pipes. Bongs and water pipes can be made from numerous different materials. In some special circumstances, you may find your bong or water pipe is made out of a different material than what we talk about in this article. Simply use this knowledge to apply it to your own custom scenario. The majority of bongs and water pipes are made out of these materials.

Depending on what your bong or water pipe is made from will determine how we are going to clean it. The classic method is to make a solution of isopropyl alcohol and salt, pour the solution into your bong and give it a good shake. This is a tried and true tested method. However, this way of cleaning can be too harsh on some wood, plastic, or even ceramic bongs and water pipes. Sometimes it may even leave a toxic residue that is harmful to inhale. Alcohol and Salt is recommended for glass pieces ONLY.

Alcohol – Salt

This method of cleaning your bong or water pipe has pretty much been around since people have started smoking out of glass pieces. If you do not want to buy a special cleaner or have some of these ingredients already in the house, this is a great place to start. Cleaning caps are a great way to make this a lot easier.

  • First, make sure you have poured out your old bong water and have disassembled your bong. This means taking out the stem and the bowl if they are removable from the bong or water pipe.
  • Second, give the bong a quick rinse with water.
  • Third, pour in a generous amount of isopropyl alcohol. Depending on how dirty your bong is, you may need more or less alcohol. A standard is to pour in the amount of alcohol that matches the amount of water you usually use to smoke your bong with. After pouring in your alcohol, it is time to add salt. Any coarse salt will do the trick, we recommend sea salt.
  • Fourth, some people like to let their bong or water pipe soak for a little bit. This can help loosening up some of that caked on resin that is attached to the walls of your piece.
  • Optional: Use plugs to close both open ends of your bong or water pipe before giving it a shake. Kustom Kulture is proud to offer safe, reliable, and affordable cannabis accessories. Including, Formula 420 – Cleaning Caps. Simply stretch these caps around the entrances of your bong to create a seal, and start shaking. You should see results right away. If there is still some resin left, be sure to soak your piece for longer and give this method another try. After you are done shaking, simply rinse your bong or water pipe and it should be good to go!

Cleaning Solutions

                Cleaning solutions are the most popular way to clean your bong or water pipe. Now a days there are many different options for cleaning your piece. Most cleaning solutions are material specific. There is not one universal cleaner than can clean every single type of bong or pipe, but they do come close.

Best for Acrylic and Metal

Purple Power – Ultra Instant

  • Purple Power Ultra Instant is one of the strongest cleaners on the market today. Advertised as a glass cleaner, this cleaner cuts through all types of resin and goo stuck onto acrylic and metal pieces just as easy. A 30-second soak should do the trick. Purple Power Ultra Instant is also 100% natural and reusable. Add some salt to Purple Power Ultra Instant to enhance the results.

Dark Crystal Glass – Clear Cleaning Solution

  • Dark Crystal Glass prides themselves on being one of the most natural and safest cleaners available. Dark Crystal Glass’ Clear Cleaning Solution is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and unscented. It is recommended to heat up this cleaner before use.

Best for Glass

Orange Chronic

  • Widely referred to as the best cleaner available. Orange Chronic is a standard many cleaners wish to achieve. It has a signature fresh orange scent that makes or breaks the product for many consumers. The vast majority enjoy the scent. This is an easy to use and earth-friendly cleaner that will work on glass, metals, and hookahs.

Randy’s Black Label

  • The direct competitor to Orange Chronic. Randy’s Black Label works at the same level as Orange Chronic. It is an acetone based cleaner. People will buy this cleaner if they do not enjoy the orange scent that comes with Orange Chronic. Works very well on glass, metal, or ceramic.

Post-Cleaning tips

Piece Water Solution

                If you want to keep your bong or water pipe cleaner for longer, Piece Water is the perfect product for you. Piece Water is a bong water alternative. Instead of filling up your piece with water, buy a bottle of Piece Water Solution and try this out instead. Piece Water Solution is an all-natural, non-toxic, bong water replacement. Piece water works by forcing the resin and goo to float in the solution instead of sticking to the walls of your piece. This makes cleaning a breeze as you only have to pour out the solution and your bong or water pipe is almost completely clean.

Fresh Sesh – Bong Care Solution

                The idea behind Fresh Sesh was to create a quick fix to an everyday headache, smelly dirty bongs. Fresh Sesh is an aromatic bong care solution made from a custom blend of food grade ingredients, including fruit extracts, water, and a specially formulated motion-activated blend. When you add Fresh Sesh to your bong water, it prevents the resin from sticking and there will be noticeably less buildup on your glass, while at the same time keeping it smelling fresh.

                Fresh Sesh prevents resin build up which reduces your cost on cleaners and saves you time when cleaning. The motion-activated aromatic blend is available in a variety of scents. While you smoke, watch how the bubbles created in your bong intensify the aroma to enhance your smoking experience. The distinct formula also masks the smell between cleanings, permeating the air around your bong to reduce that dirty bong smell.

You can’t go wrong with any cleaning method you choose to use, as long as you stick to what works with your specific bong or water pipe. Use this as a general guideline and fine-tune your method to keep your piece looking as new as possible for as long as possible.

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