Why Should You Buy a High-Quality Bong?

Why Should You Buy A High-Quality Bong?

More and more expensive and high-quality bongs are being sold than ever. They ask for a pretty penny but are they worth it? Have you considered splurging on that piece you’ve had your eye on but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet? In this blog we’ll give you a few reasons to finally shell out the cash for that expensive bong you’ve always wanted. Kustom Kulture is proud to be Canada’s favourite online smoke shop and one of Canada’s leading bong distributor and wholesaler.

(Studenglass Gravity Hookah)

Quality Materials and Build

                High-quality bongs are just that. High-quality. These pieces are made with better materials and build quality. Most high-quality bongs run a high price because they are made from borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that incorporates two chemicals. Boron Trioxide, and Silica. Not only are these two chemicals safe and environmentally friendly, but they also make the glass more heat resistant and durable than other forms of glass bongs on the market. Borosilicate glass is commonly used for scientific lab equipment. If that doesn’t make it trustworthy, we don’t know what will. Kustom Kulture has a wide variety of borosilicate glass wholesale bongs available.

(Marley Natural  - Glass & Walnut Beaker Bong)

Flavour packed and Intense Rips

                A high-quality bong is made for high-quality herbs. If you are one that loves to taste your herbs, then a borosilicate high quality bong is perfect for you. The quality of the borosilicate glass will increase the purity of smoke in your bong. When your pair this with percolators for added water filtration, or an ice catcher for smooth cold rips, you get a match made in heaven. A high-quality bong will combine all these features to offer clouds that thicker, colder, and better tasting than cheaper alternatives. Your favourite strain will only get better in a high-quality bong.

(Grav - Arcline Series)

Aesthetically Pleasing

                High-quality bongs are made specifically for specific people. If you have a certain style, mood, or vibe in your home, you will be able to find a high-quality bong to match. Nowadays, a bong isn’t just a smoking accessory. Bongs are artwork, they can double as décor and seamlessly fit on kitchen counters or coffee tables while looking good.

Dose Friendly

                Now that more and more people are smoking, these people are becoming more conscious about how much they are smoking. Bongs are great because if you weigh out your product to match your full, favourite bowl, you will get consistent results. It’s more difficult to get these same results from a home-rolled blunt or joint.

Resale Value

                While the idea of buying a pre-owned bong doesn’t appeal to everyone, there is still a huge market for it. A properly cleaned and taken care of pre-owned bong can be just as good as the same factory new piece. When you factor in how much you are spending on a high-quality piece, you can rest assured that if you ever want to resell it, you will get some of your investment back. Cheaper bongs simply don’t last long enough and aren’t well built enough to have any resale value.

When you’re looking at upgrading your bong, take these points into account. A high-quality bong is much more than just a piece to smoke out of. It can be an investment, artwork, décor, and a really good smoking experience. Kustom Kulture Canada is your home of wholesale bongs. We are a leader in Canadian bong distributors and are proud to keep pushing the market.

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