Valentine's Day Gifts for Stoners

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Stoners

                Every couple’s favourite holiday! Valentine’s day can be a bit daunting if you aren’t prepared. Hopefully we can help steer you in the right direction with some gift ideas for that significant stoner in your life. We carry a wide range of wholesale cannabis accessories and gifts alike. Enjoy our gift guide for Valentine’s Day no matter what budget you have!

Hemp Heal Bath Bombs

                What’s more romantic than setting up a luxurious bath for your loved one? Hemp Heal has your back when it comes to getting it right. Their bath bombs will uplift your mood and support your skin health. For skincare, Hemp Heal Bath Bombs are good for dry skin, acne breakouts, eczema, psoriasis and more. For relief, Hemp Heal Bath Bombs are good for sore muscles, inflammation, stress, anxiety, crams, chronic pain, and more. With more than 12 different scents, you can find a bath bomb that will fit your lover perfectly. Kustom Kulture is proud to be a Hemp Heal authorized distributor and wholesaler for wholesale bath bombs and accessories.

Ardent – FX

                Do you two have a shared love for cooking? How about edibles? The Ardent FX could be the perfect gift gamechanger for your kitchen. The Ardent FX makes homemade infused edibles a breeze. It’s also useful to make lotions, tinctures, chocolates, and more in a compact mess-free package. Ardent has refined the FX to make it incredibly easy to use as well. Pick one of these up and showcase your new chef like abilities.

Grav - Wave Bubbler

                If your sweetheart is a bong smoker then take a look at this. Grav has had their skin in the glass game for a long time, they’re known for intricate designs and quality glasswork. The Grav Wave Bubbler comes in on the smaller end for bong sizes, but it still packs a punch. We love it because even non-smokers can appreciate the looks of a piece like this. Grav is a well known and trusted brand in the smoking industry. Kustom Kulture is Canada’s home for wholesale Grav bongs, water pipes, and accessories.

DaVinci - IQ2

                The DaVinci IQ2 is a portable vaporizer from a renowned name. The IQ2 can provide cooler vapor, better flavour, and more precise temperature control than other vapes on the market. DaVinci vaporizers are incredible bang for buck when it comes to high-end vaporizers. If you are a couple that vapes, shares a vape, or wants to dive into the world of vaping cannabis, this is a must try.

Kush Kards

                If there was an absolute must on this list, this would be it. Kush Kards are a great little gift for stoners. A sweet Valentine’s card with a perfect slot for a joint?! What can get better than that?! Skip a homemade or drugstore card and opt for one of these. It is sure to impress just about anyone. Each Kush Kard also comes with a match striker so they can light up whatever goody they got right there.

               Share the love this Valentine’s Day and pick up one of our recommended gifts off this list. If not, use this article as a guideline for some good gift ideas for that special stoner in your life. Kustom Kulture is a proud wholesaler and distributor of Ardent, Grav, DaVinci, and Kush Kard products. Canada’s favourite wholesale cannabis smoking accessory store.

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