Featured 4/20 Products for Your Store

As 4/20 inches closer and closer, we want to go over some of our favourite products that we think will do well in your stores. You can shop all these products in our “420 Features” tab on our website. There is a wide variety, featuring products like Roast & Toast mugs, dab mats, King Palm Wraps, and many different things in between.

Moose Labs Mouth Peace – Mini Starter Kit – Full Kit Display of 10

Brand new this year to our store is the Moose Labs Mouth Peace Mini. The mini version of the famous Moose Labs Mouth Peace. This is a great option if you want a filter for joints, blunts, or 510 cartridges. Great for on-the-go smoking. Using a Mouth Peace Mini Filter is easy. Simply insert a filter in the middle, choose which side fits your device best, fit it on, and smoke. Our full kit display comes with 10 packs of 2 Mouth Peace Minis, 6 Mouth Peace Mini Filters and a carrying tube.

Carta – Focus V Kit

It’s not everyday that we see great competition to the Puffco Peak show up. The Carta from Focus V is a breath of fresh air and a real warning shot to Puffco. This portable vaporizer revolutionized dabbing by incorporating replaceable battery power and taking portability to the next level. Other models of portable dab rigs still rely heavily on electrical charging. The Carta can be charged through a USB like a standard portable rig, or it can rely on the power of two 18350 batteries. This is a game changer. You can also still expect desktop-level hits free of combustion, no matter whether you’re enjoying wax or dry-herb.

Raw – Classic 1 ¼ Glass Ashtray

We’ve got an ashtray for the best and most recognizable papers ever. The Raw Classic 1 ¼ Glass Ashtray is a beautiful offering from the legendary smoking accessory company. Made from thick borosilicate glass, it features a deep ash cavity for when your smoke sesh goes extra-long. It also comes with 6 separate notches so you’re always ready to share with friends. 

Bong Grips – Leopard

Bong Grips are an exciting and fresh product over here at Kustom Kulture. Express your style and customize your bong while adding the perfect amount of comfort and grip. Available in a few different colours and patterns, we’re rocking with the leopard print lately. This is a product that may become a classic in the future. We are definitely keeping our eyes peeled for what Bong Grips is going to do next.

Rasta Ice Pop Pipe

Delight your friends on a summer day outing with a fun and unique ice pop! This ceramic pipe is designed in the shape of an ice pop with red, yellow, and green Rasta colours on a wood coloured stick. A fully functional ceramic pipe that is sure to turn heads.

King Palm Slim Pre-Roll – Watermelon Wave – Display Box of 20

King Palm’s are one of the most popular cones available on the market today. And for good reason, they smoke incredibly well, come in a wide assortment of flavours and sizes, and are just plain fun. If you aren’t carrying them in your store yet, then you’re doing something wrong. These displays come with 30 packs total, each pack containing two King Palm Slim Rolls. Every Slim Roll can pack up to 1.5 grams of ground herb, giving you a long and tasty smoke. With your two-packs, you’ll find their signature bamboo packing stick and hydrating moisture packet to keep your Slim Rolls perfectly performing day after day.

Atom Dab Rig – 9.5” – Shatter’d Glassworks

The Shatter’d Glassworks Atom Dab Rig was designed with science in mind. This piece has an Atom percolator as its main focal point. The beautiful perc features a colourful 3D glass construction that will filter and cool your smoke for an excellent smoking experience. This rig comes with a domeless banger so you’re ready to go for your favourite concentrates.

420 Beer Glasses

What pairs best with weed? Beer obviously! Enjoy your 420 beers ice cold and in an on-trend 420 culture themed glass. The beer glasses come in bright Rasta colours and have 4 different designs. The design is a full colour wrap around decal, creating a stunning impact. The 4 beer glasses come packaged in a decorative open gift box. This makes it a perfect gift for the holidays or any special occasion.

G Pen – Connect

The G Pen Connect is a revolutionary alternative to conventional concentrate consumption that heats to temperature within five seconds of activation to deliver high-density, quality vapour production without the hassle of a torch and exposed nail. Powered by a ceramic heating element and featuring patented reverse airflow technology, the G Pen Connect vaporizes concentrates evenly and efficiently, and pairs with any glass-on-glass water piece to deliver smooth and powerful draws.

                This is just a taste of what’s been our favourite featured products leading up to 4/20. Be sure to check out our site for the whole catalogue of products. Also, don’t worry if you’ve missed out on the 4/20 deals. We have seasonal deals going on all the time that are full of the latest and greatest smoking products available.

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