Why You Should Buy Silicone Smoking Accessories

                Silicone is the second most popular material for bongs and pipes. Some people even prefer silicone to glass in some instances. If you haven’t smoked out of silicone before, we’re going to go over a few reasons in this article as to why you should. Maybe your mind will change, and you’ll see silicone in a new light.


                Silicone is a softer material than glass. This allows it to be manipulated in more ways. You can find various silicone pieces that would be much harder to make from glass. Not only is silicone more flexible, but silicone can also come in many different combinations of colours. Combining different colours of silicone will lead to one of a kind colour patterns that just isn’t achievable with glass.

Reliability, Easy to Clean, & Portability

                Have you ever dropped and smashed your favourite glass bong? Well, that isn’t something you have to worry about with a silicone piece. Silicone is practically indestructible. This means that any silicone bong or pipe is perfect for travelling with. Take it camping, to a festival, your friend’s backyard, it doesn’t matter. A silicone piece will last numerous falls and keep on working like the first day you bought it. Did we mention that silicone is extremely light as well?

                Not only is silicone indestructible but because of how smooth and nonporous it is, silicone is an absolute breeze to clean. Most gunk and resin can simply be wiped off. For the extra hard to reach dirt and grime, let the silicone piece soak in some cleaner for a while. You’re going to use a lot less effort to get your silicone bong looking brand new compared to a glass bong. If you’re super lazy, just throw it in the dishwasher!


                A brand new beefy thick glass bong is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We know that, but finding a new bong that doesn’t break the bank and works just as well as those expensive pieces is just as good of a feeling. Silicone always comes at a great price-point. It is considerably more affordable than glass. Being affordable does not mean that it’s cheap junk. There are a lot of silicone bongs and pipes that smoke just as well as a triple perc’d glass setup.

Now that you have a good idea of the benefits of silicone pieces. We’ll dive into some of our favourite picks.

The Silicone Mold

                The Silicone square mold is our pick for all of you chefs out there. This mold can make up to 126 squares at a time. Fill it up with ice, liquor, or your own special ingredients. Available in two different colours made from food grade silicone.

The Silicone Bong

                For the classic silicone bong, we’ve chosen the 10” Diamond Cut Silicone Bong from Sesh Silicone. The Diamond Cut Silicone Bong adds a touch of class to your collection. Never worry about shattering your piece again with durable silicone. The diffused silicone downstem allows for clean smooth hits.

The Silicone Pipe

                The silicone pipe is one of the hottest commodities in a smoker’s arsenal. It’s an opportunity to truly express yourself. Usually, the silicone pipe gets a lot of usage. It’s robust, portable, and easy to replace. For the silicone pipe we’ve gone with the 5” Silicone Ice Cream Pipe option. A beautiful silicone ice cream cone with a removable glass bowl for easy cleaning.

The Silicone Dab Mat

                If you’re a dabber then you definitely need a dab mat. A dab mat will save your furniture from gunky goo buildup and burn marks. You don’t need to be super picky when it comes to dab mats. Just pick one that works. The Glastrology range of 8” dab mats are a great option for everyone.

The Silicone Nectar Collector

                Last but not least. We have the silicone nectar collector. A great all-rounder for dabbers. The deluxe silicone nectar collector from Sesh Silicone is a 3-piece offering. It includes a silicone tray, silicone jar, and a display stand. The titanium tip also makes picking up concentrates a breeze.

That wraps up our thoughts on why you should buy a silicone smoking accessory. We know that glass will always reign supreme with smokers. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other good options out there. Silicone is a very close second, and first in some cases to glass. We hope this may persuade you into carrying more silicone options in your store.