What to consider when finding the right bong for me?

What to consider when finding the right bong for me?

When looking for a new bong, the options can seem endless. Does height matter? What about thickness? What kind of bowl should I get? These are just a few questions that you may have when purchasing a new piece. Hopefully this article will answer some of those questions and make your decision easier. Kustom Kulture is Canada’s favourite store for water pipes and bongs. Whether buying accessories online or in person, wholesale or retail, Kustom Kulture will sort you out.


A bong’s height is a very important trait to consider. Having something too small might not be suitable for regular use. On the other end, having something too tall will also not be suitable for regular use. If a bong or water pipe is your primary method of smoking, a height between 8-12” will be perfect. 8-Inch bongs are great because they can be used for dry herb and they are just small enough to be used for concentrates as well. A bong or water pipe nearing the 10-12” height will be perfect if you only smoke dry-herb. These tend to be the most well made and available bongs on the market. If you want a piece that is good for dry-herbs and concentrates, go with something a little smaller, 8” is the perfect sweet spot.


The thickness of a bong or water pipe can drastically change how it feels. A standard bong has a 5mm glass thickness. This is suitable for almost everyone, but it doesn’t give any extra security or piece of mind. A 7mm glass thickness is great. This adds a beefier feel to your piece. Your bong or water pipe will feel more high quality and will be able to handle getting beat up a bit more. A 9mm glass thickness is best for very clumsy people. These pieces feel very thick and are extremely durable. If you have broken bongs or water pipes in the past and don’t want to worry about that again, get a 9mm piece.

Percolators and Down Stem

Percolators work as filters for your bongs or water pipe. They can cool and filter smoke to make the inhalation smoother. Some percolators also offer great visual effects. Bongs or water pipes that don’t have percolators usually have a diffused down stem. The diffused down stem works as a very simple percolator. If your bong doesn’t come with a percolator this is a very good option. A percolator isn’t necessary, but it does enhance the feel of your piece. Try some bongs with and without percolators to really feel the difference and see if it’s needed for you. At the end of the day, a percolator will not make or break your selection.

Bongs can be a very particular subject to people. To put it simply, you won’t know what you really want until you’ve tried a few. Some people that have sworn by percolators their whole life have been swayed the opposite way after trying a really well-made basic beaker. Take a look at our website and try to find something that suits you. Kustom Kulture is proud to be Canada’s number one primary source for water pipes, bongs, and cannabis accessories for sale, in-person or online.