Unveiling the Unmatched: The Cookies Collection

Kustom Kulture is thrilled to introduce a new collaboration that's set to elevate the cannabis accessory game: an exclusive collection from Cookies. Born from the visionary minds of grow expert Jai and entrepreneur Berner in a San Francisco garage, Cookies has carved its niche as a global leader in cannabis and cannabis-related products. With a relentless commitment to authenticity and innovation, their journey from a highly sought-after GSC strain to a broad product range is nothing short of inspiring.

This partnership brings Cookies' pioneering spirit directly to Kustom Kulture's discerning clientele. Highlighting products that marry the deep history and healing powers of cannabis with the innovative use of mushrooms, Cookies ensures each item reflects their core values of quality and ingenuity. The Cookies movement is not just about enjoying premium cannabis products; it's about embracing a lifestyle that values authenticity, innovation, and community.

Dive into the Cookies collection on Kustom Kulture to discover products that symbolize the best of both worlds. Whether it's enhancing your experience with top-tier accessories or indulging in the unique offerings that Cookies brings to the table, there's something for every cannabis enthusiast.

Cookies - Bite Hand Pipe - 2.75" - The Cookies Bite Hand Pipe, at 2.75 inches wide, features a unique round shape with a playful bite mark on one edge. Crafted in white glass and adorned with the iconic blue Cookies logo on each side.

Cookies - Original Beaker - Water Pipe - 13.25" - It features a distinctive blue Cookies logo, a logo chain, and a custom barrel-shaped ice catcher, plus it comes with a 2-piece grinder made from hemp-based biodegradable material.

Cookies - Toke Deck - Glass Hand Pipe - 4.25" - The Cookies Toke Deck Glass Hand Pipe, at 4.25", sports a unique skateboard design with functional wheels, merging playful aesthetics and practicality, and it comes packaged in a sleek gift box with magnetic closure.

Cookies - Double Cycler - Water Pipe - 9" - The Cookies Double Cycler Water Pipe, 9 inches tall, features advanced water filtration with a raised disc percolator and a recycler style build for smooth, splashback-free hits, and comes with a matching biodegradable 2-piece grinder, embodying both quality and sustainability.

Cookies - V Straight - Water Pipe - 14" - The Cookies V Straight Water Pipe is a sleek, 14-inch tall masterpiece, featuring a frosted glass exterior adorned with a black hemp Cookies pattern, equipped with a slitted downstem diffuser for smooth hits, a custom Bite ice catcher, and comes with a hemp-based biodegradable 2-piece grinder.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable collaboration and be part of the journey that takes your cannabis experience to new heights. Explore the Cookies collection today and discover why Cookies continues to be a revered name in the cannabis community.