Low Cloud - Brand Feature

Low Cloud – Brand Feature

                Low Cloud is the next brand on our list for the feature blog series. We have many reasons to love Low Cloud, but one of the most important ones is that they are a local Winnipeg small business just like us! They are putting Winnipeg on the map for the cannabis and cannabis accessory industry. This isn’t the only reason why we love them though, let’s dive into this heavy hitter up and comer in the industry.

Low Cloud wanted to create a product. Something that could be shared, something that all walks of life could enjoy. A conversation piece – something to create and open doors and fire up new opportunities and inspirations. Low Cloud believes in sharing good energy through interactions and growth through customer service. They knew that a smoking product made entirely of natural ingredients has been needed for a long time. Low Cloud is proudly Canadian and proudly Canada’s first blunt wrap company.

Low Cloud Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps are some of the best alternatives to traditional blunt wraps on the market today. No nicotine, no harmful chemicals, just 100% organic Canadian hemp. A gum line helps to seal these wraps when rolling, paired with 5 exotic flavours to choose from. A proud Winnipeg, and Canadian product! Support local!

Low Cloud – Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps – Frosted Grape

A rectangular packet of Low Cloud Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps in Frosted Grape flavoring.

The Frosted Grape blunt wrap was created as something to compete with that childhood memory of a certain tasty grape juice on a cold winter’s day. We think it’s pretty grape… and you will too!

Low Cloud stands by their No Cracking Guarantee. They don’t use any dyes or chemicals in their wraps. This retains the hemps natural chlorophyll for everlasting moisture throughout its lifetime.

Low Cloud – Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps – Bananarama

Low Cloud Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps package in Bananarama flavour.

The Bananarama blunt wrap was created with a combination of sweet and sticky flavours! Have you ever had a Bananas Foster? Yeah…a toasted caramelized brown sugar dipped banana flavour.

Low Cloud Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps are FDA & Phase 3 Compliant. This means that all of their flavours are extracted from natural sources and are FDA approved and Phase 3 Compliant. These wraps are ready to pair with any terpene profile.

Low Cloud – Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps – Hemp OG (Flavorless)

Low Cloud package of Hemp OG (Flavourless) Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps.

The Hemp OG blunt wrap is made for the smoker that doesn’t mess around with flavours. Keeping a natural flavour may also enhance the flavour of your smoking material that you have decided to roll up. Keep it real – Keep it OG.

Only Arabic tree gum glue is used for these blunt wraps. A natural and ethically sourced Arabic tree sap for a hypersensitive, extra sticky glue line experience.

Low Cloud – Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps – Canadian Maple

 Low Cloud package of Canadian Maple organic hemp blunt wraps.

The Canadian Maple blunt wrap was created with Canada in mind. What else is more Canadian than sweet and savory maple syrup? Maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes. These wraps taste like Canada, eh?

Low Cloud only uses 100% Canadian grown hemp. They are proud to use only the highest quality organic Canadian hemp fiber. Doing their part in supporting the Canadian hemp economy.

Other than producing some of the best organic hemp blunt wraps around, Low Cloud has also ventured into apparel. Their line of clothing appeals to smokers and non-smokers alike. With their limited-edition releases almost always selling out. All Low Cloud apparel are custom tailored for unique style and comfort. Their fabrics are hand selected and milled to the highest quality standards. Each collection is truly unique, and hand designed by their in-house design team.

Most recently, Low Cloud was featured in the “Low Rider” music video by Klypso and featuring Snoop Dogg, Doggface & War. This is a huge step in the right direction for putting Canadian smoking accessories in the eyes of the global market. Seriously, what’s bigger than a Snoop Dogg music video about smoking?

This concludes our brand feature on Low Cloud. We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about this crazy exciting Canadian company. Redefining what it means to produce and smoke blunt wraps.

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