How Many Different Kinds of Wholesale Pipes Can You Buy For Your Shop?

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Types of Wholesale Pipes

                Wholesale smoking pipes can be a very intimidating market for newcomers. There is a tremendous variety in the kinds of pipes you can buy for your store. In this article, we will be going over some of the most popular types of pipes that you can stock your store with that will be sure to sell.

The “Beaker Bong” Water Pipe

                A traditional water pipe, more commonly known as a “bong”. These are some of the most popular common selling items in smoke shops all around the world. Customers are always looking out for what’s cool and new, or just replacing their old water pipe. Bongs come in a multitude of styles and varieties. If you want to stay safe, you can’t go wrong with a glass 8-12” beaker bong. This is the sweet spot when it comes to sizing for water pipes. Anything taller or shorter could fall into a specialty category such as bubblers or rigs.

                If a plain beaker bong is too boring for you, there are many different styles and colourways you can get instead. Bubble bongs, vase, and pyramid bongs are just a few examples of the vast array of different water pipes you can stock your store with.

Wholesale Bongs

Soft Glass Water Pipes

                Soft glass water pipes are very well priced. Usually wholesale priced soft glass water pipes are extremely affordable and leave a large profit margin to be made. Soft glass pipes are also very unique and come in a never ending assortment of styles and colours. Kustom Kulture is a large wholesaler of soft glass water pipes. Take a look at our products to see all different colours and styles.

                Soft glass water pipes get their name from the material they’re made out of. A traditional water pipe like the beaker bong we mentioned before is usually made from borosilicate glass. Soft glass water pipes however, are made from soda-lime glass. This makes the water pipe softer in nature and more susceptible to shattering or breaking. The soda-lime glass does give it more unique and colourful properties at a much cheaper price. Soft glass water pipes are another very popular line of glass that you can carry. They have cemented their place in the smoking industry as some of the best budget pieces you can buy.

Wholesale Pipes

Acrylic/Plastic Water Pipes

                Acrylic and plastic water pipes are known to be some of the most durable and portable pipes you can buy. Although they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as some of the glass water pipes you can buy, acrylic and plastic pieces are a much better option for travelling, or for clumsy people that are worried about breaking glass. They offer a smooth smoke and can be easily hidden due to their durability.

Wholesale Handheld Smoking Pipes

Handheld Smoking Pipes

                Not all smoking pipes are water pipes. Traditional smoking pipes are small and portable. Usually pictured hanging out the mouth of a sailor. Popeye is a character that is synonymous with the wooden smoking pipe. These pipes now a days are still popular and used by smokers everywhere. Typically made from wood or glass, they are very reliable and offer a smoking experience that can be enjoyed anywhere. The most popular handheld smoking pipe is the glass spoon. Glass spoons come in every price range and can be designed with any colour or pattern possible. Wooden hand held smoking pipes are the second most popular. These are also very good because they are enjoyed by the tobacco smoking community as well.

                All in all, this is a soft guide as to how many different kinds of wholesale pipes you can stock in your shop. After buying a few different styles, you will gain a knowledge of what sells and what needs your customers want in a smoking pipe. Don’t be afraid to try new things and branch out with different colours, designs, and sizes. There is a customer for every type of pipe!

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