Get Festival-Ready with Grateful Dead Gear

Festival season is upon us, and it's the perfect time to stock up on iconic Grateful Dead gear from Kustom Kulture. Whether your customers are heading to their favourite music festivals or just looking to add some groovy vibes to their collections, our top-notch accessories are sure to be a hit.

Top Picks for Grateful Dead Fans

  1. Grateful Dead x Pulsar - Rolling Tray with Lid - Under The Rainbow
    This vibrant 11" x 7" rolling tray is not just a practical accessory but also a piece of art. Featuring the iconic Grateful Dead imagery, it’s perfect for rolling your favourite herbs and keeping everything tidy. Plus, the lid ensures you can take it on the go without any mess!
  2. Grateful Dead x Pulsar - Rolling Tray with Lid – Roomies
    Another stunning 11" x 7" tray, the "Roomies" design brings a psychedelic touch to your sessions. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to keep their rolling game colourful and organized. The tray comes with a lid, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.
  3. Grateful Dead x Pulsar - Fabric Top Dab Mat - Under The Rainbow
    If dabbing is more your style, the 8" fabric top dab mat is a must-have. With its durable and vibrant design, it not only protects your surfaces but also adds a splash of Grateful Dead flair to your setup.
  4. Grateful Dead x Pulsar - Fabric Top Dab Mat - Boxer (8")
    Add a touch of psychedelic flair to your dispensary with the Grateful Dead x Pulsar Fabric Top Dab Mat - Boxer. This 8" dab mat is not just functional but also a vibrant piece of art that your customers will love. Featuring a durable fabric top with a colourful Grateful Dead-inspired design, it’s perfect for protecting surfaces during dabbing sessions while showcasing a unique style.
  5. Grateful Dead x Pulsar - Fabric Top Dab Mat - Close Encounters (8")
    Elevate your dispensary's appeal with this 8" dab mat featuring a captivating design inspired by the legendary Grateful Dead, combining vibrant colours with durable fabric to protect surfaces during dabbing sessions. Perfect for fans of the iconic band, this mat not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a touch of psychedelic charm to any setup.

Why Stock Grateful Dead Gear?

The Grateful Dead is synonymous with good vibes, great music, and a community spirit that resonates with many cannabis consumers. By offering these products in your dispensary, you're not just selling accessories – you're providing a piece of the legacy that appeals to both seasoned Deadheads and new fans alike. The quality and design ensure that these products will meet the high standards of your customers.

Maximize Your Festival Season Sales

As festival season kicks into high gear, make sure your inventory is ready to meet the demand. Check out our full range of Grateful Dead products on our wholesale website, and stock up now to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Let’s make this festival season the grooviest one yet! Peace, love, and good vibes